September 23, 2010

Updates, updates

apocryphaltext has just published my screentext "The Menace of the Inversely Touted Universal Deprivation".
The issue also features work by Pak Nichols, and by Ofelia Hunt, Joseph P. Wood, John F. Buckley & Martin Ott, Tim Earley, Christiana Baik, Simon Perchik, Pak Nichols & Hank Lazer, Erika Ostergaard, Jeffrey Side and Jake Berry, John M. Bennett, Keith Moul, and Raymond Farr. What a treat.

There was an 'impossible' performance of a part of this work on Oct 1 last year at the Lula's Cafe, with my Notre Dame MFA buddies taking on speaking roles, of the different structural elements of the text as also its characters. Taking the performance outside the text - the impossibility outside the page - at least the perverseness - was great fun.

Kala Pani, meanwhile, made it to the semifinals in Switchback Books' Gatewood Prize 2010 (judged by Cathy Park Hong). Jennifer Tamayo's the hanging cloud of read mistakes won, and it seems fantastic - read an excerpt on Action Yes!

I'll be posting reviews and essays on the Lantern Review blog soon, as a staff writer. Will be good to get back to some disciplined critical writing!


  1. Perhaps this is a better place to say it: found the screenplay really interesting, in a very David Lynch way. Will, of course, need to read it again (my antivirus says the site has adware, so I didn't download the pdf).

    Also, thanks for leading me to Weiner!

  2. Thank you, Dala. Lynch of course is da boss. And Weiner needs to be read, and discussed, by everyone!