March 10, 2010

Erasures of Cocteau in Cannot Exist

Some of my erasures of Jean Cocteau's writings on film are in the new issue of Cannot Exist.


[This, from an email from Andy Gricevich]

What a pleasure it is to announce the appearance of Cannot Exist no.6!

Such pleasure derives from the 60 pages of mind-bendingly strange, heartbr(e)aking, hilarious, urgent work contributed thereto by the following masters of contemporary versification:

Michael Bernstein
David Buuck
Mairead Byrne
Jordan Dunn
Lewis Freedman
Steve Gilmartin
Bob Heman
Crag Hill
Mary Kasimor
Monica Mody
The Nonsense Company
Nicholas Ravnikar
Juliana Spahr
Jordan Stempleman
David Wolach
Joey Yearous-Algozin

You can buy the issue via

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