November 29, 2009

Poem in Wasafiri

My poem "The Loose and the Sturdy are Dreaming" will be published in Wasafiri in March 2010.

Wasafiri is a pretty interesting magazine. It creates a platform where voices, new and established and diverse, concern themselves with matters that have become important to them in their postcolonial, contemporary contexts, and often begin a dialogue that allows the "new" to speak more successfully in "established" international literary landscapes.


  1. congratulations! our brit lib here used to subscribe but for some strange reason they've now stopped. i wish wasafiri would consider putting up some of their content on the net.

  2. Thanks, Dala - and I feel the same way! The problem with print journals is their limited readership - I've toyed with the idea of only sending out stuff to online journals, and I know several people who already have this policy!