June 28, 2009

It was not too hot only eighties, and djs floated beautiful gay music

At Boystown - 40th anniversary of Chicago Pride - floats of the governor, mayor, councillors, aldermen, judges, police department (very sexy!), fire department, candidates, etc. I'm thinking, so much support from state and political actors. I'm thinking, it took a while to get here. I'm thinking, one day this will happen in India.

Dykes on Bikes. Rev, and the crowd goes ecstatic. How amazing to see once-icons. I'm thinking, did D and S get on bikes in Delhi this year.

A two year old sitting on his dad's shoulder. His mum is at the frontlines, cheering and waving and dancing. Dad waves and marchers throw beads in the direction of the boy. Dad tells him, "we have to get thousands of them. This is just like Mardi Gras - only a little different." By the end, the boy is wearing thousands of beads. Every color. By the end, he has too many beads and his mum takes them from him and wears them around her neck.

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