July 29, 2008

Dream of 26 July

Posted to the Annandale Dream Gazette by the keeper of dreams, here.

The Dream Gazette is based on Robert Kelly's theory that a dream seeks an intended audience outside the dreamer.


  1. I reached this blog through a comment you made at akhondofswat.

    But aaargh. I cannot read. The color combination is horrid. Can barely make out what is written.

    Am surprised its lasted this long in this format - has no one complained about the colors?

    More later -- maybe -- if I ever get around to reading and enjoying the actual posts.

  2. Oops. Sorry, Sanjeev! More if you get around to reading the posts.

  3. monica, but this is hard on the eyes. there's so much to read, so few years remaining for the eyes...please., black on white or something like that?